A New Baby

31 08 2007

Weeks ago I promised to write about how my midwife cursed blessed me and then the fit left me and I didn’t feel like talking about it anymore (merely b/c I found it boring) but I feel a sort of responsibility to follow through since the aforementioned midwife reads this.

So here goes.

About a month ago, I was having a conversation with Vickii and she told me that contrary to popular belief I was not done having babies. I’m not sure if she was trying to antagonize me (you know in a GOOD way b/c babies are GOOD things) or if she was being a teeny bit psychic, but I laughed and shrugged it off. However, two days later it became August and that changed my mind totally.

See, so far all my children have been conceived in August (all of them. all two of them). And not only was it August, but it was exactly the right August to place my kids strategically 3 and 3 years apart.

I might have just a touch of OCD. We’re looking into it.

Regardless of the reasons, it got me thinking. And I would love to have a third child for a lot of reasons. I think it would be excellent for my kids – especially the girl child – to have another sibling. I hear moms of three or more say three is much easier than two. I like the dynamics of a three-child family and I would love the chance to give my daughter a sister (which means I would have a son). However kids tend to do things like eat and eating tends to do things like cost money. And I know it would work out in the end, but then I got to thinking about a future Hawaiian vacation (because, really, I am completely sane) and how one more child would mean about $500 more. And more logically, our yearly Disneyland vacation would increase in cost exponentially. And then, of course, are the classes and et cetera during the year. But what really gets me is that I’m almost DONE with the toddler stage. I adore toddlers, but they are a PITA, no? Now that my son is bigger, I no longer have to lug him and armfuls of groceries in the house and it’s HEAVEN. Soon he will understand the laws of physics so that trips to the playground will be less stressful for mommy. And I’m SO glad to be almost out of this awkward age. Do I really want to do it again?

Well, now it’s nearly September so I guess I don’t have to worry about it for another year or so. Because, you know. It seems silly to have all but one child with Springtime birthdays.

Because I am completely sane. I just want to reiterate that.




3 responses

1 09 2007

I hereby ban any conversation with Vickii about my doneness and babies. I’d have to hurt her if she suggested I was bound to get pregnant again. Especially when you consider that we had Mark fixed (yes, I know I just spoke about my husband as though he were a dog… but we’re talking men and sex so is the analogy that off?)

Be warned, Vic. I’m scrappy.

1 09 2007

And yes, it IS all about me. ALL THE TIME.

As for you? Good luck with that whole thing. But if you do get knocked up again, I’ll totally henna your belly. 😉

1 09 2007

Well since Vickii is probably going to read this: If you have any premonitions about me, please let me know! 😉 I so want another, but for now, the discussion is closed according to Henry. I think he needs to get a bit farther out of baby/toddler stage before we can really talk about it as it’s not his favorite stage (good thing I love it!).

So see Elaine, it’s not only about you LOL!

And B~ I think you’re right that it will all work out if/when it happens. It really truly does, amazing isn’t it? I will tell you too, that I’ve been waiting to hear about this since you first mentioned it.

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