This mama glows.

29 08 2007

A year ago we were kinda sorta beginning to homeschool in a more formal manner. I tried going by a curriculum. I tried having a schedule. I tried being schooly. I cannot do that. I can barely keep my life balanced as it is (which is a whole other post, really) and I just could not handle homeschooling like that. Throughout the year I did what I could, pulling from various sources when I could. I would not say I “unschool” but I would say I have taken an unschoolish approach to regular schooling. And, after worrying all this time that I wasn’t doing it right, my kids have proven to me that I don’t need to teach them. I just need to give them the opportunity to learn and they will.

My son knows almost all his letters, numbers, shapes and colors. Which is really funny in public – since he’s still got that baby face (and is, you know, bald) everyone thinks I have some amazing baby genius on my hands. He’s already starting to color in the lines and, you know, all over the walls and chairs and anything that doesn’t run away from him. But it’s mainly the first part of that sentence that impresses me.

My daughter has grown in leaps and bounds in the past six months. Not only has she gone from wearing a size 4/5 to a size 7/8 (in about a week last December, actually. It was the week after we took her shopping), but she is a total reader now. To the point where she literally stuns every adult she comes in contact with. I mentioned this at our school appointment today and the consultant gave M a very quickie reading eval and found her to be at a second grade level! I know it doesn’t really mean anything. And for that matter, I also don’t know how accurate a two-minute eval is and I certainly can’t imagine her reading chapter books yet. But I am so excited for her anyway. I’m glowing!

Also for a couple years now, I’ve been worried about her fine motor skills. Even back in December when we made out Christmas Cards, she only scribbled on them at 4 1/2 years old. It was a couple months later, at nearly five, that she finally started creating actual drawings. And I love them! Last June, I had the school order the Handwriting Without Tears program for her because I was afraid she was behind in knowing how to write letters, and yet in the last two months she’s decided to learn how to write them all on her own, anyway. In fact on Monday, I was sick as a dog and laying inert on the couch, unable to help her learn to spell things so she created this all on her own:

u r my sunshine
“u r my sunshine
my only sunshine

I was in awe that she could come up with that all on her own! Utterly amazed.

These kids, I tell you….

In short I’ve learned that I don’t have to be a strict homeschool mom. All I have to do is provide them the opportunity to learn and they will do it. In fact, they’d probably do it even without the opportunity because they are also rebellious.

I love my kids.




3 responses

31 08 2007

I’m so glad your kids are doing so well with their learning! I love M’s note. That’s awesome.

1 09 2007

I’m glad you’ve found your way; I think that’s how I will end up hs’ing if, we in fact, decide to do it.

I love the photo of her drawing/writing~ it is so neat to watch the development of their writing isn’t it?

3 09 2007

Ahhhh … isn’t it glorious to just be YOU … and be okay with it?

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