By popular demand!

28 08 2007

If by “popular” I mean “one request”. And I do.

A post.

Specifically: the tat. My good friend Summer and I went to Avalon in Pacific Beach to get done. It wasn’t so bad. It felt like someone scraping a needle through my skin. Which, you know, is what it was. But it was totally bearable.

Funny thing about giving birth is that when I have gone to get pierced and now tattooed, my friends try to reassure me that I can handle it since I’ve twice given birth without drugs. But I say to them: it’s not the same thing!! In my (humble?) opinion, birth is what my body is meant to do. My nose wasn’t created so much for having a giant needle shoved through it. So that is not at all a comfort to me.

For the record, the tat was not nearly as bad as the nose. Easy peasy, yo.

And without further ado…

tattoo adventure 8/07

Clicky the photo for the set.




4 responses

28 08 2007
lola coca-cola

It’s beautiful!!!

28 08 2007

OK yeah I just commented on your myspace but still? I love it. To me it felt like constant burning. I got my belly button pierced 11 years ago, and also have five tattoos. Hands down, the piercing was WAYYYYYYYYYY worse (though way quicker) than any of the tats. So yeah. It looks so good too. Not red or swollen or anything. Remember to put sunscreen on it!

28 08 2007

Beautiful!! I didn’t think my arm tat hurt either, but my ankle hurt like a mofo.

29 08 2007


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