23 08 2007

In the last few years I have stopped getting those stupid e-mail forwards that either threaten to kill me for not passing them on, or guilt me into forwarding them to prove I love God. I never fell for either trick and so far I have not died and I’m pretty sure God knows how I feel about her. But in any case, they haven’t been showing up in my e-mail inbox nearly as often.

It’s because MySpace ate them all and is puking them up in the form of bulletins from my friends.

1. I do not care who my crush is.
2. It took nearly 20 years for God to smite John Lennon for claiming to be more popular than Jesus, so I hardly call that retribution.
3. I DO NOT want to hear about some sewer ghost who is going to steal me from my shower some night for not forwarding on her fake story. Don’t you people know I can’t even pee in the dark for fear of Bloody Mary?? (I mean, I know you have to say her name however many times before she appears, but I just never know if the temptation is going to take over and make me do it before I know what I’m doing! Therefore no peeing in the dark!)
4. And et cetera.

I love MySpace for many reasons (being each of the people I have reconnected with from my past), but this is definitely not one of them.

I shall go play The Sims now. Toodles!




2 responses

23 08 2007

Now ya gotta tell…come on, out with it. I wanna see your myspace page… 😉

23 08 2007

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