Back and body image and the word fat.

20 08 2007

You may have noticed I never did a fitness update last week. There is a very bad reason for that. And I won’t go into that now because I am moving forward, not looking back.

So I will just list this week’s goals:
*drink lots of water, at least 72 oz.
*no sugary Starbucks
*no sugar, period. limit carbs.
*keep adding in veggies

I think that sounds good. Generally, I do not count calories. My philosophy being that if you eat whole and good foods when you are hungry, and stop when you are full, that should be enough. However, I sometimes count calories for a few days or a week, to make sure I know what I am aiming for. I’ve found myself at times to be below recommended. And I also do not believe in diets for the sake of losing weight. I believe in aiming for a healthy life and I believe that once that is accomplished, weight loss will generally follow.

But I am not so confidant right now for myself. Right now I feel like I am destined to always be fat*.


I guess, though, that even if I am fat, I can still be fit and strong and healthy. And beautiful. Which is something I’m learning right now. Just this summer I’ve decided I can wear sleeveless shirts even though my arms are fat. I see beautiful overweight women all the time and if they can be beautiful, then so can I.

*Using the word “fat” is a liberating thing for me. I know a lot of women don’t like that word and I can certainly see why, but growing up, it was a shameful word for me and I refuse to be ashamed of myself anymore. That’s not to say it’s OK to curse your image in the mirror using ANY word, but just a simple matter-of-fact attitude about it, is far better than trying to keep it a secret.



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