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18 08 2007

We set the date! I’m getting married!

Just kidding. (Too much Big Love?) But I am getting a tattoo next Sunday at noon. Which will be just perfect for certain of you because you will get to peek that evening at the Photo Party. Yippee! I tweaked the design a bit and the artist will tweak it even more so it won’t look like that, exactly, but you get the idea.

(Last summer I checked out Blogging for Dummies and it said a good blog entry includes lot of links. Doing well so far, no?)

In addition to selling a few things in order to raise tat money, I sold a buttload of free stuff from Comic Con on eBay recently. And it all went well except for the Indiana Jones IV posters. I don’t know WHY. It must be the type of person who would buy an Indiana Jones poster but both of them took forever and neither responded to me at all until I threatened them with negative feedback. Within hours, they had both replied. Fishy, no? The one was quite nice about it, however, the other threatened me back unless I filed a non-paying-bidder on him. So after one more week of no response I did. HA. It took all I had in me not to say, “Happy now?” *snicker* But I’ve been paid for that one, anyway. I fully anticipate a negative with that asshole. But whatever, he can bite me.

Unless he’s Fenrir Greyback. And then nothankyouverymuch.

So, Big Love. This is our newest addiction. I’ve been interested since the beginning, but the husband would not watch it until his friend Jorge told him it was good. If you ask Alex he will blame his change of heart on NPR, but I know the truth. We finished season 1 the other day and here are my thoughts (I don’t consider these spoilers, but you can feel free to skip it)

*Are people really that hostile to polygamists? Like, WTF do you CARE? Get a LIFE.
*OMG Wanda. Effing hilarious, that one.
*I am really surprised to say this, but I’m liking Nicki more and more now. I especially love it when she gets all mama bear about her family.
*And the scenes between Rhonda and Nicki? Awesome.

It’s such a good show. So far it’s not quite as good as Six Feet Under (I only compare because they are from the same network), but I honestly think it has the potential to be better, deeper. It’s taken one whole season to begin to show the full spectrum of Nicki’s character and I hear season 2 is more about Margene and Barb. I think this show could be phenomenal.

Jorge Garcia (Hurley from Lost) has a blog now. Check it out.




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19 08 2007
lola coca-cola

Do you think it’s really him?

19 08 2007

Yeah, it’s him, Lorien. He claims it in this link. Assuming I can link here…?

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