I need your help!

18 08 2007

I’ve been invited to not one, but TWO costume parties in the next month. Costume parties are SO not my thing. But I wanna go. So help me. Next Saturday – not a lot of notice, sorry – I am going to an 80’s Prom. Summer has promised I can crimp my hair, but I need clothes to go with crimped hair. Help?

And then, in September, I have to go to, like, a real toga party. With a bunch of people I don’t know. And people generally scare me, let alone when they and I are wearing togas. This party if for the 30th birthday of my best childhood friend I recently reconnected with (thank you, MySpace!) so I definitely want to go. Help?




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19 08 2007

I’m SURE you can find a suitably tacky 80’s prom dress for cheap or even free at a consignment store/Salvation Army/Goodwill, Craigslist, or even someone’s older sister’s closet! Don’t forget the blue eyeshadow, too. As far as the toga party, all the ones I’ve been to, people just make togas out of bedsheets (kick it up a notch and use some Spongebob ones, or something, ha.) You can wear a tank or tshirt underneath. You could always go to the craft store and get some inexpensive leaf-garland-type stuff to make into a little laurel wreath for your head.

19 08 2007

Yeah, I was going to say Goodwill. I have bought tacky 80s prom dresses there during my punk rock phase in high school. Strapless and tangerine satin, baby!

As for a toga party, you can get sari’s on ebay for a penny and since they’re draped costuming… you can just wrap them like a toga.

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