Pictures from the Phone

14 08 2007

Aren’t you glad I can share actual pictures with you now, rather than just telling you stuff I should have had pictures of?

Yes. You are.

Here are some I’ve found recently which needed sharing with the world.

I could not get a great photo of this one, sorry:
mmmm... smells like cement in here
Because when I’m looking for a new home fragrance I usually look for something outdoorsy… like cement. Or asphalt. Perhaps tar.

mmm....  pet....  mmm....
Teach your kids to bake their pets.

I’m not sure about this one. It’s seems a fragmented statement. Like, pinto beans or rice what, exactly? Or, is it like a choice? You cannot leave the store with both?

Thank you for looking, I hope you were as amused as I was.




3 responses

15 08 2007

Oh, the sweet sweet smell of cement. . . Nope, can’t convince myself, sorry.

15 08 2007

But do they make eau de gasoline?

15 08 2007

Cement? Really? Seriously? On purpose? Who buys that?

The last picture — they mean business. See how the “or” is all red and underlined? They’re very, very serious.

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