12 08 2007

In the last month or so, somehow every single pair of black underwear that I own has disappeared.





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13 08 2007

And yet Elaine has plenty…

13 08 2007

Hey! Sarah’s talking SMACK! I totally have NOT been hanging out in your apartment complex just waiting for you to take your wash to the laundry room. Nope, I haven’t been hanging out in that bush over there by the window, just waiting. And I certainly haven’t been waiting until you get everything into the wash and walk away and then sneak into the room and stop the wash cycle and pull out your heavenly black skivvies. No way. There is NOT a pile of wet black panties in a special corner of my house and I do not, under any circumstances, visit them in times of stress to feel closer to you.

NONE of that is true, so simply don’t listen to that troublesome Sarah. SHE’S clearly whacked.

13 08 2007

I dearly love you both.

I think I will pee my pants now. (From laughing. For some reason I feel the need to specify that here)

13 08 2007

at least you won’t be peeing on any of your black panties…

15 08 2007

I’m about to wake up Henry from laughing at you guys, bwahahaha!

15 08 2008
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