Surprise Party

8 08 2007

I know some people think that reading about other people’s dreams is boring, but there are some dreams I just don’t want to forget. So too bad for you.

In this dream, I was at the bank with the kids. We had an appointment at 5:30 with Catherine Zeta Jones. I think she was going to give us a mortgage.

When it was time for our appointment, we left (note to creditors: I am usually more responsible).

Then I was unconscious for awhile. Funny how I had to dream that.

When I came to, I was on top of the car and we were driving through the mountains. My cell phone rang so I answered it, and it was the woman who had been my Bradley instructor during my first pregnancy (we still see her around every so often in my actual real life). She said she was going to be a little late and asked if that was ok. I was utterly confused so I told her no, she must be mistaken. As I said it, though, the husband nodded at me, so I told her it was OK after all. I knew, then, that he was planning me a surprise party for my half birthday!

Turning 29 1/2 is a big deal, you know.

So we are driving along this mountain road and it begins to thunder and I feel afraid. And so the husband says, why don’t we go inside the car?

Gee, ya think?

Inside, I see that my son’s car seat is in the front seat because my husband was – his words, not mine* – “being creative.”

I’m not clear who’s driving, by the way. That bit should be pretty easy to interpret.

So we get to this cabin and it turns out I have no pants on. It’s not the kind of dream where I’m real stressed about it or anything, I’m just trying to find some pants in my drawer.

I believe there was about to be some ice cream involved, but I was woken up rudely to shouts of, “Quick grab a bowl! Too late!” Because my little boy? He’s a puker. In this case, we think he gagged on some fruit he was eating. Fun stuff for me, no?

*Except that this is all in my head so I guess they are mine.




3 responses

9 08 2007

I love reading about your dreams!

10 08 2007

I dreamed about a burglar who was riding his bicycle in the living room.

11 08 2007

The other night I dreamed I went to school with no pants on. My dream self thought that was a big deal, although my real life self is nonplussed about the fact that later this month several of my fellow students will, in fact, be pantsing me and shooting saline into my butt.

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