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7 08 2007

Before I get on with it, here’s a preview of entries to come (mostly so I remember what to write).

1. A bizarre dream I had involving Catherine Zeta Jones and no pants.
2. My review of The Prisoner.
3. How my midwife cursed blessed me and why I’m not getting rid of my maternity pants now.
4. No, I’m not pregnant.
5. Made you look.

The Good:
~Continued eating very well (most of the week).
~Began to exercise in the mornings!
~Had only one (one!) Starbucks drink all week.
~My daughter came home with a goody bag of candy from a birthday party and I did not have even ONE piece.
~Found a strength routine I like, assuming I can kneel again soon.
~The biggest and best change I am making is getting rid of the “start over tomorrow” thought process. Because, really? “Tomorrow” has been coming for well over a year now. And since it hasn’t arrived yet, I guess I better stop waiting for it, eh?

The Bad:
~Had a couple very awful days on the weekend. I went for a long drive with Melissa (rare treat) and we wound up at The Wisteria Candy Cottage which one does not wind up at very often seeing as it’s all the way out in Boulevard. So I got a coconut truffle and very nearly made love to it right there in her car, but Melissa’s car is new and I think she would have kicked my ass. And then on Sunday I had a terribly emotional day and I solved all my problems with food. Because that’s the most mature thing to do, right? No? Damn.
~Only exercised 2 days. (Did I mention I’d been doing it 4-5 days/week for several weeks before I fell and injured my knee?)

I’ve been experimenting making some super delicious food. Perhaps you will be lucky and I will tell you what.




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8 08 2007

Please do share the yummy food you have been creating with us!

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