Desert View Tower

5 08 2007

Originally uploaded by zebrabelly.

Yesterday Melissa and I set out to Desert View Tower, an old haunt of ours, in the hopes of finding some awesome thunderheads to take pictures of. Of course it turned out to be the one weekend of “monsoon season” in which there was a break in the monsoon weather so the thunderheads were pushed back to Arizona or Texas or something. Also, it was too hazy to even see the Salton Sea. I was bummed.

Still, Desert View Tower is an awesome place. They’ve raised the prices so its now a whopping $2.50 for adults, but that includes not only the climb in the tower and on the rocks, but also the bathroom. So you know, worth the extra $1.50. Because where else would you pee in Jacumba?

I did not spend too much time climbing the rocks for numerous reasons – one of which being that it was 100 degrees out! – but browsing on Flickr, I’ve found some other cool photos. Like this skull, or this vagina, or these creepy things which are not, technically, at the tower.

I fully plan to invest in a digital SLR next winter and then perhaps I will take my daughter on a trip out there and take more pictures of the carvings.

In the mean time, clicky here to see the whole set.




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