The Big Boring Fitness Update

29 07 2007

The Good:
~I have skipped all unnecessary sugar totally for almost two weeks (necessary sugar is coffee, for the record).
~I greatly cut down on the Starbucks (will not tell you where that left me – it’s shameful what I used to drink – but I aim for one per week).
~Ate more veggies.
~Ate only when hungry (who knew I could go all night without snacking – madness!)
~Ate smaller servings
~(Mostly) avoided gluten and aside from a bit here or there of my kids’ food, I skipped crap carbs (cause my kids – by this I mean “my daughter” – are currently on a white-bread-only kick *sigh*)

The Bad:
~I have not yet exercised in the morning.
~Nor have I remembered to find a good strength-training routine.

And yet? My pants don’t fit any better. I mean, I know not to expect results so soon, but I do anyway. Logic…. Who needs it?




3 responses

29 07 2007

Great job so far, B! I’m proud of you. It’s the exercise that’s going to make a difference. As for my update, I have taken more walks during the week, joined a gym (ok, a second one, ssshh), got a cute pair of workout pants and…um…haven’t actually GOTTEN to the gym yet.

We should start a yahoogroup just to encourage us to do this!! Because then, we could spend even more time in front of the computer sitting on our butts chatting with each other about our almost-progress and encouraging each other to get out there and move!

You can do it! You can get there!

29 07 2007

I’m down with yet more excuses to play with my e-mail.

And, you know, V, prep is most of the work. Now you have (two) gyms you can go to whenever you want. Woot!

30 07 2007

Sbux IS the devil. I swear they put crack in the hazelnut syrup. When I was pregnant I only had 1 per week and I would always get one before my 10:30-midnight shift on Fridays and oh sweet nector of the goddess…. sigh. Anyway. Good job! Someday I’ll… finish losing my baby weight… maybe. It’s a distinct possibility.

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