Comic Con Photos

29 07 2007

Not that I went. But there are photos anyway. Many might bore you, but not this one. This one amuses me greatly (because I’m such a loving and caring mom). See, the husband brought home this giant bag and I thought it would make a cute photo with my kids. The girl child was down with it, but not so much the boy child as you can see. What a mean mommy. Wanting cute photos and whatnot. I figured since I was on a roll, I might as well catch this one as well which was his continuing commentary on the injustice I’d just put him through. Anyway, clicky on the photo (which was clearly taken on the camera phone) if you want to see the geeky stuff.

meanwhile back at home...




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30 07 2007

Look at that poor, unloved child. In a bag.

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