Geeky Lost Stuff

28 07 2007

My husband videotaped the Lost panel at Comic Con again this year, but was not allowed to tape this. There weren’t any terribly interesting bits like there was last year, but they did announce Michael will be back and the hinted strongly that the Naomi’s boat, Adam & Eve, and something else I’ve forgotten now will be important later on. There has been much speculation on Adam & Eve in the last year and I can’t wait to see how that pans out, though I think we will have to wait until the end or near it. Some of my very favorite theories surround the skeletons.

Anyway, reading some of the comments below the video I linked, it seems many people think it’s a “joke” video. Which seems absurd to me. I mean, I’m sure we won’t see it on the TV show, but there was that whole alternate reality game last summer that we also didn’t see in the TV show which wasn’t a “joke”. So I don’t get it. I think it ties in somehow. But it’s “official” anyway – it’s all what they showed at the Comic Con panel and that Lindelof and Cuse presented.




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