There is something wrong with this conversation.

27 07 2007

This morning I heard loud noises in the backyard (which currently has no fence since the tenting). I walked to the back of the house and found the maintenance guy putting them back up (the fences, that is). I closed the curtains because – HELLO? – that’s totally my bedroom. Annoyed at the lack of notice (again), I called my landlord to complain. He told me he was sorry but I did want my fence up, didn’t I? (So, apparently, the fences could not be put up if I had known. Must be some sort of magical law I was unaware of since I am merely a Muggle.) A few minutes later he shows up in my yard also and the following conversation ensued (um, paraphrased).

Me: I wanted to make sure you understood that I am very grateful that you are putting my fence back up – it’s going to be very nice to have my yard back.
Landlord: Yes, you are right I should have told you first. I always tell you when I go in your front yard, though, don’t I?
Me: (remembering one occasion, at least, that he didn’t) Yes, usually you do. It’s just that this is my bedroom – I could have been changing my clothes and suddenly a strange man is in my yard!
Landlord: Yes, of course you are right. But you do want your fences up, right? We had to do this today or it would not be done for a long time.
Me: (not following the logic here… does doing it today mean he could not have told me yesterday?)
Maintenance Dude: When I got back here, her curtains were closed (his meaning, I think being: “Therefore I could not have seen her changing her clothes”).
Me: (Still not following the logic… Because what if my curtains weren’t closed? Law requires notice of entering my property regardless of the status of my curtains, no?)

I swear sometimes that talking to these guys is like talking to an abuser. The excuses they come up with sometimes! And the fact that they try to make it seem like it is all my fault, or like I should somehow be grateful that they entered my property without telling me. In my opinion, they are two separate issues – like I said, I am grateful they are putting the fences up. I just don’t get why they could not have notified me. The landlord himself isn’t so bad – he’s usually very respectful and almost always announces himself first. But this maintenance guy just doesn’t ever – literally! He has never once knocked on my door before coming into one of my yards (although he has lied and said he did) and I’m frankly sick of it. I’m not going to let this go until he starts knocking. Asshole.




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