I forgot to say…

25 07 2007

The night we were in the ER and the nurses were doing intake on Elliott, asking me all kinds of things. One of the questions, of course, was if he was up to date on his shots.

“No. No shots.” It was about all I could get out at that time, I was so emotionally wrung out.


“No shots.”

“Is he up to date on his shots?”

No shots. We don’t do shots.”

“Im-un-i-zations?” she said, poking vigorously at her upper arm to demonstrate for me what, exactly, a shot was. You know, in case I didn’t know already.

“We. don’t. do. shots. We don’t immunize. He’s never been immunized.”

“Oh!” She said quite pleasantly, “I’ve never had anyone tell me that before.”

So, apparently, she’s not being rude, just living in a closet. She was very friendly to me, once she realized I was speaking perfect English, after all.

Makes me giggle now that I’m not currently traumatized.




2 responses

25 07 2007

Why does that strike me as so totally awesome?

26 07 2007

I think you got off easy! At least you weren’t harrassed by the medical personel like they do down here!

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