All done.

24 07 2007

I finished the new Harry potter book last night. I didn’t mean to! I had wanted to savor it at least another day or two, but those last 300 or so pages just don’t let that happen.

It. was. awesome.

I love Dumbledore. I mean, I always did, but she humanized him in this one and made him beautiful for it. Also? (Very minimal spoiler, skip if you must:) Young Dumbledore? Total geek. Hanging out with his genius friend, both obsessed with the Hallows? Total geek. I can just imagine him pushing his glasses up on his nose and playing RPG. Love it.

I think Harry finally grew up and matured (about time, man!). I think Rowling really proved herself with this wrap-up to the series. I am not overly fond of the first two books, and in fact cannot stand the second one (I’m sorry, but the way Voldy got his name is laaaaaaaame and makes me want to puke), but this last one – without even explaining it – makes the simplicity of the first two seem OK.

I am trying to not go into too much detail here for those who haven’t finished. So, really, I think I am just not making any sense.

Most of my theories came true. Which was good, of course, albeit a little anti-climactic (like in Lost when we discover a certain character is related to a certain other character but we the fans already knew it? Yeah, like that).

My very favorite part, I think (very minimal spoiler, skip if you must!), was Hermione’s reaction to Ron when he finally started standing up for house elves.

Anyway, the book is 754 pages long so there’s a ton more to say, but I’ll leave it there and I’m going to go read this now (actually scroll down a bit for a hella-funny abridges version).

Who else is reading it? Who’s done?