23 07 2007

Years ago I read in Super Baby Food that you should not worry if your baby can’t finish a whole avocado (No, really?) because most adults can’t either.

But I can.

In fact, if I really wanted to, I could probably eat several they are so damn good.

What say you? Am I the only freak?




9 responses

23 07 2007

Umm… maybe the author didn’t like avos… When available, we eat a whole one EACH in our house! And yes… if we could afford several a day, I’d be right there with you!

23 07 2007

I routinely eat half avocados. With a spoon, right out of the peel. I’m sure I could eat more than just half. More than just one whole one, as well.
We’re avocado twinsies! 😉

23 07 2007
lola coca-cola

Who on earth can’t eat a whole avocado? I have been eating a whole one on toast with mayo (one piece of toast–it’s an architectural feat) for breakfast every day. When I was little my mom used to give me a half avocado with tamari and olive oil in the pit depression and I’d eat it with a spoon. Avocados need more oil, don’t you know.

23 07 2007

HEY! What happened to my comment from earlier?!

Mashed avo with Spike & tomato sammiches. If you have not discovered the delicious melody created by Spiked avocado, you are missing out.

Mashed avo (and/or guac, doesn’t matter) with tortilla chips. Easy whole avo or more.

A whole one at a time? Ah, no problem.

23 07 2007

Dude, Vickii, have you eaten at the Bagel Bar? You just described my favorite sandwich when I go there (the one with the Spike and tomato). Of course, it may not be their original idea, but I highly recommend that place, anyway. Best bagels EVER.

24 07 2007

I could easily eat a whole avocado. They are fantastic! With some pepper…yum. And Avocado? He could eat LOTS of avocados at once.

24 07 2007

I could eat thirty, possible thirty-five avocados. In one bite.

24 07 2007

Definitely. Even my 2-year-old can eat a whole avocado when she’s in the mood. I tell you, it was such torture when the three of us had to eat an avocado each for days on end when we got that 10-pound bag from Jill’s orchard. 😉

25 07 2007

DUDE! I have no idea what the Bagel Bar is, but they totally stole my Spiked Avo idea.

I don’t like bagels much. Too bready, never grainy enough. I have this thing where my bread has to be skinnier than the insides of whatever it’s covering.

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