19 07 2007

So, the tenting.

back building

After three long years of waiting, our apartments finally got tented. We were put up in a hotel for two nights and, while it wasn’t that skeezy, it was pretty damn ghetto for other reasons. For one thing, you have to pay a $5 deposit just to have phone service in your room. And LOCAL calls cost $.50 each (unless you talk too long and then they cost MORE!) They even charge for ice at a quarter a bucket. And all this for the low low price of $75/night. Geesh. I’ve stayed at Motel 6’s with better amenities.

So, anyhow. Fun times. Join us for a pictoral diary of our effed up vacation. Clicky on the photo above for the whole set.

*That photo above should be retaken. I walked down that path this morning and nearly all the plants were dead or wilted. It’s eerie how the complex is filled with death now, all around. Tonight I wondered if the ‘possum that often sits on a fence a few doors down on summer nights was killed. Um. I guess we’ll know in a few days if we smell decaying rodent. I mean marsupial.



One response

20 07 2007

So… is that wallpaper STAPLED to the wall above the shower?

Eek. Thank goodness your adventure is over!

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