Fortunately, Unfortunately

19 07 2007

When I was a child in school, we read this book about a man and his very bi-polar day.

I cannot help but be reminded of that when I think of how this week is going.

Unfortunately my daughter has a cold.
Fortunately, it’s not bad.
HA! Unfortunately “not bad” has turned into “pink eye”.
Fortunately my son’s cold is even less bad.
HA! Unfortunately my son’s cold took a turn for the even worse.
Fortunately he is just fine.
Unfortunately we have to leave for the hotel in just four hours and I haven’t slept yet.
Fortunately, we got into our hotel room early instead of being homeless for five hours.
Unfortunately, the doctor’s office says we have to take my daughter in to get her a prescription for her eyes.
Fortunately, I broke down in tears and they had mercy on me and just called it in.
Unfortunately, it is very hard to manage naptimes in a hotel room when they kids do not sleep at the same time.
Fortunately, my husband had taken the day off because one cannot drive on four hours of sleep, so I had some extra help.
Unfortunately, if ever I depended on TV to babysit my kids now is the time and we had only 6 channels that first day (until we realized the TV was programmed wrong).
Fortunately, my daughter’s eyes are clearing up very quickly!
Unfortunately, two days later she developed an ear infection.
Fortunately, we finally got to come home!
Unfortunately, we got to come home to messages that the bank had been calling us all week for being overdrawn about $4 which, of course, resulted in $70 of overdraft charges. FUCK!
Fortunately, I got to come home to discover the Harry Potter shirt I am currently eBaying is going for $70! Rock on!!
Unfortunately, that was supposed to be tattoo money and now, instead, will go to the bank. FUCK!
Fortunately, my daughter was prescribed meds for her ear infection.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have helped her cough any.
Fortunately, yesterday was pay day!
Unfortunately, now I have to go grocery shopping desperately (and to Target) with a little sickie girl who may or may not have bowel reactions to her meds.
Fortunately… At least it’s balanced?

ETA… fortunately the bank reversed 1/2 the charges! Yay!




2 responses

19 07 2007

YAY for the bank not acting like a totally asshat! Weeee!

20 07 2007

Phew, I’m glad the bank reversed some of the charges! I hate being overdrawn…I do it rarely but mostly when I make stupid math errors in my checkbook and think I have more money than I do. Once I overdrew by six cents and it cost me $35. NOOOOOO! Hope M’s symtoms clear up w/out too much tummy upset.

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