Fun With Salt

13 07 2007

see, if I turn it this way, salt pours out

So far today my two-year-old son has:

*turned on the record player
*splashed in the pitcher of water in the fridge
*turned off the computer
*turned on the record player
*knocked everything off the shelves
*gotten into storage boxes
*turned on the record player
*tried to steal cookies
*turned on the record player

…and now he’s found the salt shaker. I fought my instinct to put it away and let he and sis play in it for awhile. Fun stuff. Good mommy.




4 responses

13 07 2007

GREAT mommy. I know this for a fact. I so wish you’d have been MY mommy.

14 07 2007

eek! You are a good mommy… I don’t know if I could have watched the salt escapade myself. Well, after I went to get my camera, just like you did 😛

14 07 2007

OOps, that wasn’t meant to be anonymous; I wish commenters could edit. But anyway…it’s salt, B, yes, a consumable, but one of the cheapest consumables we have. I’m thinking the price you paid for the sale was far less than the joy he had in playing in it…we spend so much money to entertain our children at amusement parks and the like. I’m saying you got quite a deal with the salt.

14 07 2007

True dat, V. True dat.

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