The Frustrate

12 07 2007

So our home is being tented in less than a week.

This sucks ass on so many levels.

First, of course, is the whole part about the poison being pumped through my house. Since having kids I’ve become really particular about not allowing poisons into my house. I clean with only baking soda and vinegar. I keep one can of raid at the very back of the top shelf of the closet just for black widows (those bitches!), and use a teeny amount of bleach to kill bathroom mildew on occasion (that bitch!) but that’s pretty much it. And now there will be deadly gas enjoying itself all over my carpet and my new couch. Icky.

And tear gas. There will be tear gas. I think in case the house is infested with not only termites, but also terrorists. You never can be too safe, eh?

Still I am telling myself that people (and many, many who are less picky than I) live through this every day. And it can’t be much worse than eating produce grown with pesticides, which is (mostly) what I can afford anyway. And I’m exposed to cancer-causing things more than daily just by living. So I am doing my best to let it all go.

Another problem with this is that, of course, I am being kicked out of my home for two nights. That means I have to pack up me, the kids, the fish and the plants and anything we will need to survive for two days. It means I must be awake and have the van loaded and be out by 7am Monday morning (OMGWTF 7am???!!1!). It means I must have meals packed in a cooler and ready to go because the motel room has no fridge or microwave. I have to have clothes packed, toys ready to go, wipes, diapers, (should I bring my coffee maker?), toiletries, cameras, anything I don’t want poisoned. Am I supposed to bring all the stuffed animals in the house? What about photo albums and the portraits in the walls? It means… I will have NO internet access for two days. (OMGWTF 2 days?!1!!) All this planning overwhelms me and when I am overwhelmed, I tend to back away from responsibilities. I don’t know where to begin and so I sit and no nothing at all. But, really, that just makes me feel worse about the whole mess, so I vow to stop that right now. I will make a list and take things one tiny step at a time.

On top of my own frustrations, everything is totally disorganized on a bigger level. No one knows if we will betting getting a meal allowance to make up for lack of kitchens. There is supposed to be a big meeting (actually, there were supposed to be several) where we talk to the fumigators and ask any questions we have. The guy came by last week to have me sign some papers and told me the meeting would be on Friday. Yet, Friday came and went with no meeting – I guess. Landlord knows nothing of it, of course. *sigh* If only I knew where to begin, I could begin there. If only someone had their act together, I might be able to figure out where to begin at.


And, don’t get me wrong, I really do understand the need for the building to be tented, but no matter how you look at it, it’s a PITA. I’m allowed to complain even if I realize it’s for the best. Hell, at least I know I won’t have this looming over me for the next three years like I have so far. Pft.

I hear the sound of trees falling (they have to trim them to put the tents up). Gonna be a super great day for naptimes. Pft.





6 responses

12 07 2007

I’d definitely take all the stuffed animals, bedding, and clothes (that way, at least you won’t have to choose clothes to pack, right?!!). Can you just throw everything in the van?
I feel for you… we had to go through this after we’d just moved in. It was like moving all over again.

12 07 2007

The thing is, I imagine we will also be moving MIL’s stuff since she does not have a car and lives in the same building. And then also dh’s aunt who is currently visiting MIL. (Actually, now that I think about it, she has a car! D’oh!)

Anyhow you have clearly not seen the vast amount of clothes the dh has. It’s shameful, really. I can bring all the kids’ clothes and probably also mine. Also, you have no seen the vast amount of stuffed animals. *sigh* But at least you can wash clothes.

Ugh and friggity frack.

12 07 2007

I forgot to mention – I’m the same way. When there are more than three things to accomplish in one day, I do sudoku puzzles or spend hours on the internet instead.
Perhaps you can make a list of tasks, then focus on one thing at a time. When one is done, you can move on to the next etc.
Oh, and chocolate. Chocolate will help you, esp. if it’s in ice cream form.

12 07 2007

Yeah, see, cause I’m still HERE! Ha.

I started cleaning the pantry but then got freaked out over the top shelf. I am so lame.

12 07 2007

I’m a little skerred, but what was on the topshelf? Did you take a picture? Can we lol-caption it?

12 07 2007

LOL Oh it’s nothing like that, just that there was more. work. to be done. Possibly the need for a chair to see it all made me even more weary, as small as that seems.

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