Two Kids

7 07 2007

I have not been able to formulate any sort of “update” post on my kids for months now (at least). Mostly because they grow too damn fast and I can never remember at once all the new things that have happened. So I kind of give up on that. Still this week was kind of momentous for my big child because she went away to her first ever mom-free week. Not the whole week, of course, but during the mornings, I dropped her off at the local Camp Fire USA spot, hidden away in Balboa Park. It’s called CaHiTo (which is Camp Fire-speak for “camp on a hill in town” so please don’t pretend it’s a Spanish word and think you’re all smooth saying it with an accent like my husband).

Anyhow, I dropped her off there daily and even while she felt nervous in the days preceding, I knew my uber-social kid would be FINE. And she was. Sweetie. In their words, she was a “born leader” (they assured me she was not bossy, but I think that was a blatant lie! hee!) and at the end of the week she won the “spirit” award, which… see?? Even strangers can tell my kid is spirited!

I have to say here that I was nervous about sending her off to a place like this. Not so much because I was worried about HER, but because I was worried it would mean the end of our homeschooling life. I was afraid the separation would do us so much good (and it was a nice break) and I was worried the daily chance to see kids would “recharge” my extrovert so much that she’d be perfect the rest of the day (which, you know, why would I worry about that? and I needn’t have worried anyhow, there was a tantrum daily as soon as we got in the car – I think she saved it up). I was worried, I woulod realize that she was better taught by someone else than by me. But none of my worries panned out. Not only did our usual daily lives continue as usual, but I realized it’s just freaking exhausting to have a daily routine as strict as that. Having to get two kids ready in the mornings and be somewhere on time wore me right out and by Friday night I was barely able to do more than lay on the couch reading. Oof. (Granted, I realize a regular schooling situation would likely be closer than 20 minutes away, but still!) I rather enjoy our lazy days full of learning our own way, thankyouverymuch.

And so while she was off being a big camper, my son and I were left to ourselves and how absolutely strange that is! I vaguely remember what it was like to have only one child to chase around the playground, one child to share a day at the zoo with. It was strange and lovely. And my boy is such a sweet child, he often gets overlooked while his exuberant sister is there, filling the world with her presence. It also made me realize how much I miss her alone. I hope to make it a habit very soon to spend some time alone with each child.

That said, enjoy some pictures and a video of my daughter and her fellow campers singing for us parents (M is the third from the right, next to the girl in the hat).

my big girl the camper





One response

7 07 2007

That video makes it very clear why she won the spirit award!

And yeah, I get spoiled when I get one on one time with my kids and often worry it’ll derail my homeschooling plans.

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