How is this at all fair?

27 06 2007

me & my spectacular bruise
Originally uploaded by zebrabelly.

A few months ago, we were eating at Ikea (and let me say here how their meals are no longer as good as they were when we first started shopping there!) and a little boy spilled his water on the floor. His mother noticed, but did nothing. Now I’m a mother as well, and I know how sometimes you just want to GO when you have kids and I’ve probably let some things slide that I would not have othrwise. So I did my best not to judge her and I just went to ask an employee for a towel to wipe it up. They assured me they’d do it in just a minute so in the mean time, I went and put a chair over the water. And I kept putting the chair back every time someone moved it. Because I could only imagine that someone slipping on water on a floor like that could get pretty hurt.

Fast forward to my daughter’s end-of-the-year school event at an old building in Balboa Park with hardwood floors. Can you see where I am going with this? Yeah. Someone spilled some water and I didn’t see it and -BOOM!- onto my poor knee I fell! I couldn’t bend it totally for well over a week (OK, I still can’t) and it would ache and, oddly, burn at times and the skin itched – bizarre. I still can’t kneel on it and I have ceased my regular exercise routine until I feel safe enough to start again. *sigh*

My question, now, is: why does karma hate me? Don’t you think it should have been the lady at Ikea who should have fallen?? HA!




One response

27 06 2007

Who knows where/how hard she fell!
That bruise is indeed spectacular. You might want to go get it checked out by a doctor – I seem to remember one time my mom had a similarly spectacular bruise and put off going to the doctor and there being some sort of an issue… yes, very specific, huh?!

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