26 06 2007

In the last hour of my sleep this morning I had this dream:

I went to check on our fish, Rainbow, and discovered that he was in a very large (about 50 gallons) fish tank that I had forgotten I even had. It was in a corner of my room well hidden, so it’s no wonder it had been ignored for the last several years. All of the fish in it were still alive and some were quite large (bigger than my hand). The bigger ones were trying to eat Rainbow so I put him safely somewhere else. I think. The details were not clear on that. As I looked into the large tank, I saw schools of small fish darting about, scallops hopping to the top and falling again, plants flourishing.

I saw Rainbow and he was scared, he had his two pectoral fins in his mouth as a nervous child might suck on his fingers. I was sad for him, but he was so damn cute, I ran to get the camera. At some point, I discovered I had another betta I had not remembered to feed in many years. Luckily he had survived well on the plants in his bowl, even though bettas truly are carnivores.

OK, and here’s the part which is most alarming:

Then I turned around and found another tank, this one even larger and behind the bed. Inside a cave in the tank was a giant clown fish (think: Nemo) just about the size of my son, if he were shaped like a clown fish. Which he is, thankfully, not. Anyhow, this clown fish was very fat and looked exactly like – I swear – Marlon Brando. He swam forward a few inches and let out a very long, yet silent, belch, in the process losing a few pounds. I remembering being surprised that fish could burp.

And about then I awoke. So. What say you? How would you analyze that one?

I totally figured it out! Nemo’s dad was named what? Marlon. Oooooh, trippy. My brain is smarter than I am!




One response

27 06 2007

I think that maybe you are worried about your children being out and about in the world? Not really sure. But I lol’d when I read about the Brandofish, and also, I was thinking that this whole dream was freaky because I had a dream about big fishbowls and tanks all over my house last night, too. Hmmm!

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