21 06 2007

Lately on the news I have seen two, er, strange things:

1. A story on a new Arrowhead bottle in which a woman complained about the design saying that when she takes the cap off and spills it on herself, she gets all wet.


2. The quirky (read: extremely annoying) on-the-scene morning guy announcing he’d be giving a preview of the “Dead Sea Squirrels” exhibit.

I swear I am not making this up.

What is UP with that? Oh, well, at least it makes me feel far superior then them thar edumacated reportars.




3 responses

22 06 2007

Dead sea squirrels huh? Are they dead squirrels who lived in the sea? Or squirrels FROM the dead sea? Why do I care? LOL!

22 06 2007

Dead sea squirrels, huh? Those are the ones with such a high concentration of salt in their fur that they float on the water, right?

3 07 2007

About that story with the lady complaining about the Arrowhead bottle…
I have been whining about that bottle since I first saw it a few months ago…stopped buying Arrowhead…just saw that TV spot today and it propmpted meto start a petition to bring back the old bottle…yes, I’m definitely crazy, and with too much time on my hands…but don’t let that stop you from signing:

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