10 06 2007

Toes are overrated. Balance? Eh. Who needs it? At least weekly, I smash my toes into something (and this, actually, is where 90% of all my cuss words comes from, another 5% from finding spiders on me). Twice in the last year I’ve had pretty serious toe injuries – a broken one, and one wherein I lost the tip of it – from slamming into something as I walk oh-so-gracefully*.

You know what? No more. I’m over toes. They may be cute, but they are more trouble than they are worth. I would need somewhere to put my toe rings, though, of course, so I think I may have robot toes installed. Hrm. Or maybe I should just wear toe armor. That would be cheaper, I’m sure, but not as much fun as it would be to say, “I’m part robot. Check out my TOES!”

Just watch. I’m going to start a revolution. The masses will chant: “No more stubs! No more stubs!” Who’s with me?





2 responses

11 06 2007

You just need to constantly wear Docs, yo.

11 06 2007

Dost thou rain on my bionic-foot parade?

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