No need to card me!

6 06 2007

So Melissa bought herself a nice Scion last night. And the night before I had accompanied her to the Toyota lot because I have this thing for test driving cars. Also for looking at model homes. But that is beside the point. So, anyhow, we are driving around and chatting the way you are wont to do with a salesman* and he mentions how much our town has changed over the years (for instance, the dealership used to be cow pastures 10 years ago). Melissa asks him how old he is and when he replies 24, she told him our ages (29). And he replied in utter shock: “Oh! Really? Oh! So we’re all young then!” Like he had assumed we were pushing 50 or something. WTF? I mean, OK, do I look that old? Really?? Is it shocking to know I’ve not yet hit 30? Damn!

It was hilarious.

*Later in conversation this salesman mentions his baby son was born at home so we get to talking about it and he mentions the midwife (Gerri, for those in the know) is actually his aunt and had attended his own birth at home some 462 years (excuse me, I mean 24 years) previous which inspired her to become the midwife she is today. Funny, huh?




2 responses

6 06 2007

Heh. People always guess my age at “seventeen, MAYBE eighteen” so hey, we could split the difference and both be like 21?

7 06 2007

You and my dad can get together and test drive cars and look at model homes together. He LOVES that stuff! What sort of Scion did Melissa get? I looooovee my little Scion. I don’t know if I like the NEW xB’s, though. I am partial to my little Toaster…
Oh, and that comment he made? LOL! He’s a car dealer. They never say the right things.

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