i’m in ur blog, laffin at badd grammrz! lolz!

1 06 2007

My new favorite website is not for the English teachers out there. It will make you have a coronary, or threaten to bite me. I, however, am ignorant and perfectly happy looking at bad grammar. No. Not just happy. I’m fully amused.

If you ask, WTF does it all mean?! Why is this supposed to be FUNNY? My friend puts it best when she says, “hmm, bkuz u haz 2 pikturz a kitteh saynin it! it meikz it kyutor!”

Yeah, I don’t know what she said, either. But I think the gist of it is that, sadly, animals are not taught to properly read and write (where is PETA when you need them!?) so to imagine the captions they would come up with is to imagine it with a lot of misspelled words. Add in a good dose of teenage texting lingo and you have the recipe for hilarity!

And this one has no bad grammar, but is just damn hella funny:

And if uneducated animals aren’t funny enough for you, how about some ignorant politicians?

I am proud to say that the above photo represents the one fact I learned in Advanced Placement US History in high school. Woo! Go Spartans!




2 responses

4 06 2007

Oh, how I LOVE cat macros! Even though I have, you know, that whole grammar/spelling patrol issue, I can (sort of) overlook it for this silliness. Thanks for the link!

4 06 2007

Oh my BOB. This one: http://icanhascheezburger.com/2007/06/02/im-in-ur-quantum-box made me laugh so hard I stepped on MY cat. (Who I TOTALLY should have named Schrodinger.)

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