29 05 2007

I always thought I’d like philosophy. After all, I was the child who spent hours contemplating the concept of “nothing” after watching The Neverending Story, I was the teenager who wrote a letter proving my own existence, and to take that one step further, as an adult I wrote a short piece proving I was (am!) the center of the Universe. I enjoyed coming up with my own theories on Life, the Universe and Everything and discussing them with friends.

I’m reading this book called The Secret Magdalene (on a DaVinci Code kick) and the first third of the book was heavy on the philosophy. I have discovered that, in actuality? I can’t stand it. Philosophy makes my mind die a slow death. It makes my brain try to turn itself inside out. In short: it bores me.

I’m a little disappointed in this fact, but I think I’ve decided all philosophers were lazy or high or both. This makes me feel better about the world.



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29 05 2007
lola coca-cola

Me too, it either makes me want to put an ice pick in my eye or fall asleep. So I avoid it now.

29 05 2007

But there are different SCHOOLS of philosophy and perhaps you’d enjoy some more than others? I am a nut for ethical theory. Period. I like it all. Even what I don’t agree with (Immanuel Kant, for instance, who is my archnemesis). Metaphysics makes my eyes spin in my head, I usually have to read the same paragraph three times before it starts to make sense. I like religious philosophy but it makes my brain go all high school. I think you’d like Hume’s Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion, though.

29 05 2007

I knew you’d say that. LOL OK, well, not THAT exactly, of course. This book – AFAIK – quotes Greek, Eqyptian, etc literature so there are supposedly different POVs, but of course it’s all ancient.

Hume, huh? That’s a Lost reference, you know? See? I know my philosophers: Locke, Rousseau, Hume… Learned it all on Lost. LOL Granted I know absolutely NOTHING about what they each say, but Hume is hot so I’ll look it up. 😉

Feel free to flog me now.

30 05 2007

Yeah have fun with Hume! Dialogues is not too hard a read, either. Not like Kant. Kant on ethics even bored ME sometimes. When it wasn’t making me yell. Heh.

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