I hate it when that happens!

29 05 2007

Right before waking this morning, I had this crazy dream:

The beginning of it, I do not remember. I think I remember being with a few women in a hotel room (not like THAT! it was during a conference or mass gathering somehow). But in the night I was alone in the room when I saw a gang of men come bounding Spiderman-esque across the alley and up to my window. They broke in and I wondered if I should call 911 and decided that was better saved for emergencies. Go figure. In the morning, someone fixed the window with some glue and maybe also tape and asked me if it was OK. I shrugged and said I had no idea, they should ask the hotel.

I hopped in a rented minivan with the husband and the daughter and we headed to the airport. When checking my paperwork, I found my son’s passport, and realized we’d forgotten him! We were torn, then, over what to do next? Head on to the airport without him and leave him at the sitter’s (who was possibly Elaine, but since I don’t remember leaving him there, who really knows?) or risk missing the flight and picking him up first. The husband assured me the baby would be fine without me for just one weekend, but then he remembered that we were going to Disneyland and so probably should bring him with us after all.

Because, you know, we always fly to Disneyland.




One response

30 05 2007

ROFLMAO! I love dreams. I love the saving 911 for emergencies part. Also, was your son planning to star in the latest installment of the “Home Alone” films? Heh.

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