I am SUCH a dolt

24 05 2007

I’ve been complaining for awhile now that my camera doesn’t have a macro setting. I had fallen in love with all the amazing close-ups I’ve seen on Flickr and wanted to be a part of the fun. Well, the other day, a friend was over and took one quick glance at my camera and informed me I was quite wrong and it does, in fact, have a macro setting. She then looked at me like I had two heads when I responded with, “Hrm. Maybe I should read my manual?”

Without further ado, I present the set. Will be adding to it as necessary.





6 responses

24 05 2007

Hey! That’s cool! I’ll have to play with that setting more often myself.

And I did not look at you like that cuz you’re not’posed to reasd the manual! =P

24 05 2007

Wow. That last comment meant no sense, eh? That’s what I get for makin’ comments from work.

What I meant…

I did not look at you like you had 2 heads…more cuz you’re NOT ‘posed to read the manual. You’re ‘posed to check out all the neat-o settings on your own. =P

24 05 2007

ahhh, gotcha! LOL

25 05 2007

Those are awesome, Bonnie! My macro setting was difficult to find. I have to go to “scenes” and then to “foilage” and then to “macro”. It took me a while 🙂 Guess I could read my manual as well!

25 05 2007


25 05 2007

Ah, but you’re such a cute dolt! 😀

Great pics!

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