‘Nother Tat

21 05 2007

moon tat
Originally uploaded by zebrabelly.

My friend Summer is forcing me – yes, forcing me – to get a tattoo this summer. I’d wanted to wait until February when I turn 30 because it seems symbolic somehow. However, if I have to push the date up earlier, it would somehow seem more appropriate to get a tattoo symbolic of my children in August which was the month I became pregnant with the both of them.

I’m a little anal retentive.

In any case, the phoenix is likely going to be cheaper so I may get that one instead because the summer months are usually the months my wallet goes on a diet. We’ll see.

I should say the original idea for this was provided to me by Elaine who once told me she wanted a moon and two stars to represent her and her girls. That idea stuck with me for a long time and I could never shake it. I began working on this design weeks ago and asked Elaine if it was cool with her last week. And it was.

Once again, I am SO not an artist! It’s sloppy and I don’t know what kind of sun rays, exactly, I’d like, but this was the best I could do.




4 responses

21 05 2007
lola coca-cola

It’s really pretty, you are too an artist.

23 05 2007

I think it’s purty.

25 05 2007

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one.

But then, you thought I might.

I’m so going to steal it some day….

29 05 2007

very pretty. I’m thinking of getting an owl. for my boy. let me know when you find somebody good, wouldja?

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