Birthday for the Boy

20 05 2007


I am such a bad mom. Baby E’s birthday was nearly a week ago now and I’m only just getting around to posting photos. In my defense it’s been a very busy week. Anyhow, my little one is two now! *sniff* We taught him to say “two” when asked how old he is and it’s possibly the cutest thing ever. Except maybe when he says “turtle”.

It’s funny how just one year ago he had barely started rolling over (little slow there!) and was not yet crawling and now he runs and wrestles with his sister (in front of an audience, even, because we are SUCH awesome parents), slides down giant slides all by himself, and is starting to talk more and more. Heck, last Friday I discovered that he knows at least five different colors! He knows the letter “O” also, and feels strongly that all the other letters and numbers are pronounced, “E”. He’s really (finally?) blossoming and I’m so excited to watch him go.

Photos and videos posted. You know the routine.




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