Legoland vs. Disneyland

15 05 2007

If you know me at all, you probably know I’m a huge fan of Disneyland. We love it because not only does it make a spectacular vacation, but because of the sheer effort the company puts into their park (usually). From amazing rides like Pirates and The Haunted Mansion (which more modern parks like Universal Studios simply cannot compete with – seriously ask me someday about my feelings on hydraulics, ok?) to actual clean bathrooms to the awesome customer service and et cetera. We’ve been going there so long, I began to think all parks must put this much effort into a great experience. Clearly, I was very wrong.

Reasons why Legoland will never compare to Disneyland:

1. They don’t repaint. At Disneyland everything is sparkly and new looking, even if it’s fifty years old. At Legoland (which is only eight years old to begin with), everything is faded and/or oxidizing.

2. They don’t fix broken Lego structures – we saw a fox with no paw, a monkey with no tail, a trollish-looking thing with bottom half at all! And the list could go on. Granted Disneyland has no Lego structures at all, but I am certain they’d keep on top of that.

3. We collect pressed pennies. When were were at Disneyland we came across a machine that was broken. Less than a week later, when my best friend went to Disneyland, I asked her to check on the machine for me and it was already fixed!! Nice. At Legoland, we encountered several machines that didn’t work and the people who worked there didn’t seem to give a damn. Which brings us to…

4. Customer service. At Disneyland, they gave us our money back for the pennies without me even asking them to. At Legoland, they said we could ask someone else for the phone number to call to get our 51 cents back. Because, I guess it would have broken the bank to just give it to us out of their drawer. I mean 51 cents is a hefty fee these days.

5. The sheer lack of effort on some of these rides is shocking. Granted Disney has some bad marks on their record, too. The whole Superstar Limo ride at California Adventure, for instance. But Disney quick realized what a horrible mistake they’d made and they fixed it by converting the ride into a Monster’s Inc ride. Legoland, shamelessly displays their own bad rides repeatedly. Our personal favorite was Fairy Tale Brook which featured the previously mentioned bottomless troll as well as Little Red Riding Hood slowly and gently tapping the wolf with an umbrella. (I am working on putting together a video of this ride for you, it was just that awesome.) Disney, on the other hand has such spectacular rides, they cannot be rivaled even 40 or more years later.

6. The names of places within Legoland are, well, lame. “Explore Village”, “Fun Town”… “The Beginning”? It’s embarrassing. I’m not really sure Disney is so much better. I mean, sure, “Fantasyland” sounds better, but is that just because it’s classic and I’ve heard it all my life? Maybe, but no matter what “Main Street USA” is thousands of times better than “The Beginning” WTF?

All that said… Did we have a good time? Absolutely! We loved it! (We maybe loved it more that we got in at the homeschooling family price of only $17 per person instead of $57.) But there are some things Disney simply cannot compare with – Miniland USA was my favorite – replicas of famous places in the US made out of Legos. Las Vegas was particularly interesting with hookers and whatnot. And there’s the very cool pirate boat ride where you spray other boats (and onlookers!) with water (and they spray you!). There’s also a really great playground for the littles which is always a plus for me.

So, here’s our photoset from our Day o’ Fun. Clicky below to see them all.

our family is now complete




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