Thursday Night at Zebra’s Place

11 05 2007

Toddler E climbs on table.
Mom redirects him.
Toddler E squirms away and climbs on table.
Big Kid M climbs on Toddler E climbing on the table.
Mom redirects them slightly more successfully this time.
Toddler E climbs on dining room chair.
Mom redirects him by letting the kids chase her around the house.
Mom breaks out various toys to try to keep him away from the table.
Toddler E throws toys and screams, “Nnnno!”
Mom piles stuff ON table.
Toddler E throws stuff OFF table.
Big Kid M gives mom a play-by-play of everything that’s going on in case mom has gone catatonic and can’t tell for herself.
Mom redirects Toddler E , puts stuff back on the table.
Toddler E screams “Nnnno!”
Big Kid M tells mom that Toddler E said no.
Mom decides it’s bedtime RIGHT NOW.




3 responses

11 05 2007

Yup. Sounds like bedtime. And also, time for chocolate for mom.

11 05 2007

Wait. How is this different from any other night?

12 05 2007

nice blog

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