1 05 2007

inspiration strikes

I’ve been considering a phoenix as a tattoo for awhile now, but have not liked any I saw. Seeing that horse scuplture the other day inspired me and I sat down and doodled this yesterday. I am SO not an artist, but it’s a rough idea of what I like. So far so good – I still like it 24 hours later! I added the color in Photoshop because, even though I have kids, I have no colored markers. Go figure. Anyway, I will print this out and if I still like it by the time I get a tat, this will be the first.

Phoenix – rises from ashes, reborn
Rainbow – promise
Amethyst (purple in the tail feather) – my birthstone




6 responses

2 05 2007
lola coca-cola

You so ARE an artist. It’s beautiful, and will look great as a tattoo.

2 05 2007

“not an artist”. Pardon?

2 05 2007

It’s awesome! I luuuuurve it!

2 05 2007

I love it — I think it will make an amazing tattoo!

4 05 2007

Oh Bons, that is beautiful!! Wow. And you have gorgeous handwriting. I’m so jealous, I kinda have stupid bubbly seventh grade girl handwriting.

4 05 2007

FTR, that is my “fancy” handwriting. And it’s pretty sloppy in that case. 😉

Don’t hire me to address your wedding invites, mkay?

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