Five Years Ago

23 04 2007

A memorial post because five years is a landmark. I’ve been a mommy for five years. Ups and downs and mostly I think I’ve done OK. My teeny sweet baby is now a lively happy little girl who can read now. She knows things and has her own opinions and interests. She is a small person. One who grew inside me and changed me forever. She is mine, and yet not mine at all anymore. She is her own.

Five years ago at this moment I was lying on the couch watching The Osbournes and trying to sleep between contractions. Waiting to see the little face that would change my life. Waiting to sniff her soft head. Waiting to wrap her in my arms and offer her my breast.

Today I’ve been trying to find some of my favorite old photos. I think there are some more in the bedroom, but I sure as hell ain’t gonna risk waking the baby just for the sake of reminiscence! But what I have found can be found by clicking the photo just below.

four months old

You can find photos of her birth by clicking on this next picture.

in labor

Pretty much all these photos are really awful quality. We didn’t always have such a nice camera, and my scanner isn’t currently working so even if I wasn’t too lazy, I would not be able to scan the originals of the film pictures.

I’m really tempted to post her birth story here, but it’s so embarrassing how young I sounded. *hides*

Anyway, tomorrow morning, at 9:24 am my little girl will have been breathing air for five whole years. Happy birthday, big girl!




3 responses

24 04 2007

Happy birthday Margie! I cannot believe she’s FIVE! And I can’t believe how long your hair was when you had her, LOL!

24 04 2007

Happy Birthday Margie! What a great tribute…I’ve been thinking of doing this too…for Hannah

24 04 2007

She is so beautiful, Bonnie! Happy Birthday Margie!

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