My kids are cute.

12 04 2007

The other day, my son gave me a stern talking to, complete with a little grunt to punctuate the statement. I cracked up and so now he does it just to please me. I tried to catch it on video today and got it along with a whole lot of other cuteness. Enjoy.




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13 04 2007

Indeed, they are.

13 04 2007

M totally looked like she was going to upchuck at one point, which cracked my shit up BIG! And remind me never to piss of E.

13 04 2007

that would be piss “OFF” E. That’s what I get for trying to type around Lily’s big head.

13 04 2007

Yeah, the barfy look, I think, was caused by her trying to “sing along” with our little Jack Sparrow doll. It’s hard to sing with two voices, yo.

You know, I come here to comment, and I’m just a little offended that I have to log in to my own blog. Shouldn’t it know me? How rude.

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