9 04 2007

We did a small celebration of Spring on our own on the Equinox (or relatively close to it, anyway) but it had snuck up on me and so we finished the celebrations along with the rest of the US on Easter. M says that next year we should do all of it on the Equinox and then join others on Easter. Frankly, I think she’s just trying to finagle an extra holiday out of the deal.

Anyway, here’s a video of our egghunt at home – M decided we needed to do one more right before bed. Clearly E was really into the hunt. Clearly. Please forgive the sad state of our backyard, there are kid toys all over it and who knew you needed to water grass to keep it alive? Go figure.

And click on the photo below to see the still shots of our day which we spent much of with Melissa’s family.

reach high

And one last video, because my son cracks me up daily. Here he is dancing away (and singing a bit) at breakfast yesterday morning to Mom’s Top Ten hit: Twinkle Twinkle.




2 responses

9 04 2007
lola coca-cola

He’s getting so big, like a little…guy! And those long legs. Just totally cute.

10 04 2007

What a cutie! He was so into the egg hunt..you’re right!! What a nice family you have!

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