Vocabulary Lesson #1 – “Sexxy. Kinda.”

30 03 2007

I’m starting a new thing on here. It may only go so far as two entries because at this point, I can only think of two things that I should add, but it will be very important to you, my readers. There are certain phrases or words I’ve picked up from various sources of pop culture and they don’t translate very well into the written word for one reason or another. So I will be using the vast resources of the internet (probably mostly YouTube.com) to share them with you so that you can get the FULL ZebraBelly experience. Yo.

Today’s lesson: Sexxy. Kinda.

Definition: Not really sexy at all.

The last line in this commercial has become a standard in our house. To the point where even M says things are “sexy” (which is AWESOME out in public around little old ladies).




6 responses

30 03 2007

Yeah, I suppose the “kinda” is key here LOL!

31 03 2007

Your own urban dictionary! I like it.

31 03 2007

Hey! So I can so totally attribute “sexy” to me now??? Yeah, after viewing this, I’m so “sexy. kinda.”

I love me some Bons in the morning.

31 03 2007

No way, Vickii! You are regular sexxy, not “sexxy kinda”!

Now is that hot or what? “Regular sexxy” LOL

I crack myself right up. Or maybe that’s just the fever.

In any case, you ARE sexy, not just “kinda” 😉

2 04 2007

oh, hell YEAH! The Zebra thinks I’m regular sexxy. I am so gonna be your midwife for like EVER.

23 02 2009
Fun Stuff at the Mall « Z E B R A B E L L Y . C O M

[…] And I am not sure whose brilliant idea it was to showcase such a thing as a bissected mannequin. Sexxy, kinda. The Husband’s comment? “Man, there’s a lot of underwear in that store.” […]

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