Seven Days Project

30 03 2007

I think, technically, blogging rules are that I should have blogged one photo per day, but I’m slow to catch on and by day three, when I noticed this, I decided to just wait until the end and do them all at once. because I’m anal like that.

I take a lot of photos of myself. This could be attributed to my mild self-absorbtion, or something deeper. I wrote this on my “Self Portraits” set on Flickr:

In general, I am appalled by myself. I find myself very odd, with freakish mannerisms and an annoying voice. My head is too small for my body when I’m at a healthy weight and the extra 40 or so pounds I carry around don’t help.

So I find it intriguing to photograph myself. I can make myself look pretty. I can make myself look not-overweight and I can make you think I have a normal-sized head! I can examine myself bit-by-bit and think maybe I’m not so bizarre after all. Maybe I am pretty. Just a little.

And it’s more than that. I love dressing up. Pretending I am someone else. Cindy Sherman is one of my very favorite photographers and, in a way, taking a self portrait of myself, is a way to capture another side of me. Another person in me.

So, Sarah started this project and it appealed to my obsession of looking at photographs of myself as well as my need to document every inch of my life and my desire to partake in community projects. Enjoy the photos…

(Was that a big lead-up or what? Really, it was just justification for looking at me more. Look at me! Look at me!)

tired - day 1

dye job - day 2

hello down there - day 3

high as a kite - day 4

sick night - day 5 (barely)

on TV - day 6

new stripey bathroom - day 7

And, just for kicks, you can view the entire set here. There are a couple extra photos that I didn’t count as “official”.




2 responses

30 03 2007

Fabulous – they look great all lined up like that.
Thank you so much for joining in 🙂

30 03 2007

You’re beautiful. I think most of us critique ourselves way too much; I know I do.

The shots are great (and so are the photos above your couch, next on my to-do list for our home).

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