29 03 2007

You know what’s unprofessional? Forgetting to show up for your interview and when your interviewee calls you actually TELL her you “forgot” her. And when she sounds miffed? Well, then you get real snotty and say, “Well, it’s Philadelphia’s story, we’re just helping them out.” like the interviewee is so much dirt and is LUCKY to be interviewed at all by some lame-ass news station.


They will (supposedly) be here in 45 min-an hour.





4 responses

29 03 2007


30 03 2007

You should definitely send them a bill for your time.

4 04 2007

How was it? Hope they brought cookies…

4 04 2007

No cookies. Pft! The guy finally showed up an hour and a half late and was very nice (clearly not the guy I spoke with on the phone). I think I did, *ok* but the reporter in Philly assured me I was “well spoken” I think she was probably smoking the crack while she watched b/c I would never call myself “well spoken”.

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