Sick of Sick

28 03 2007

About a week ago, E came down with a runny nose. That’s it, no other symptoms. Friday afternoon, M started having diarrhea, but no other symptoms and was fine except for when she had to poo. E got the diarrhea on Sunday. And today? Puked twice. Now, this kid just happens to be a puker and both incidents came after a puke-trigger (crying, stuffing mouth too full, etc) so it’s hard to tell where this is going. But it really doesn’t matter beauce OH MY FUCK I AM SICK OF SICK.

Ever since December it feels like SOMEONE has been sick. I think we’ve gone a grand total of two weeks without a runny nose or tummy problem all Winter. And now that it’s Spring I thought it would be better BUT IT’S NOT. And clearly I am LOSING it. It’s after midnight and I’m on my 17th hour straight of Blue’s effing Clues (slight exaggeration) and lordy do I want to sleep now.

Somebody help? Maybe I’ll put a donation thingie on here for PayPal and you can all chip in for a nanny? Or a hotel? Or both? Or maybe just some really good ‘shrooms?




One response

28 03 2007

Consider putting everyone on Yu Ping Feng San when they’re not sick, and keep them on it for 6 months. Clearly some boosting is in order.

Add ‘shrooms and stir.

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