Tech Dependant

24 03 2007

Did ya miss me? Not likely since I often go days without an update. But I was absolutely and totally computerless for almost 48 hours! You see, Thursday night my poor baby computer – only 15 months old! *sniff* – crashed…. onto, er, the floor. And did you know that life pretty much stops when you don’t have the internets at your disposal?! Cause it does!

See, first you think, OK, I have to look up how to fix the computer! But you can’t! And then you think, OK, I have to find good deals on new computers by searching online! But you can’t! And you can’t even look up a freaking phone number! You have to use this archaic service called “4-1-1” where you CALL someone and they TELL you the number. It’s madness, I tell you!

I knew the internet had changed my life in many ways, but I didn’t realize just how MUCH I depend on it on a daily basis. I felt like I was on a deserted island.* Really.

And then this morning on the news, I saw a man demonstrating all the crazy things you can do with your cell phone. One program you can buy is a GPS system of some sort which actually tracks all the physical fitness acts you commit** like running or biking etc and it automatically logs them onto the internet and prints it all out for you! The future was made clear to me: in five years or so cell phones will literally run the world. You will not be able to buy groceries or drive a car until you’ve loaded the right program onto your phone. We can only hope the phones will remain friendly to the human race and not try to kill us all.

Maybe I read just a tad too much sci fi?

Or maybe not. Muhahahaha!!!

*Speaking of deserted islands, you know, everyone wonders who Kate will choose: Jake or Sawyer… Frankly, I vote for Sayid.

**Yes, “commit”.



3 responses

25 03 2007

Ohhhh. It’s like if the power goes out here and I start thinking, well what on earth shall I do now? … I KNOW! I can use my laptop on battery power … then I remember that the router still needs electricity and I’m back to life without the internet and having to do something drastic like, you know, actually leaving my desk.

25 03 2007

I start thinking about life without internet or life without my computer, and I break into hives.

One of the criteria when we moved out here was that they MUST have internet service.

No lie. I’m such a dork.

25 03 2007

Yes! Sarah! Exactly like that.

Daph – are there places w/o internet? I mean, I know like the Sahara probably doesn’t, or the Amazon… But like civilized areas??? Madness. How do they exist?


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