20 03 2007

So I think I might be on the news. Like nationally, perhaps. And I’m NOT ok with that because my hair looks like crap, my clothes all suck, the camera adds 50 pounds (do you think anyone will believe that?) and I cannot always make myself coherant.





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20 03 2007

HUSH!!! You’re beautiful ALWAYS!!!! (HUG)

What are you going to be on tv for???? SOAM?????

You rock!!!!

20 03 2007

Your hair actually looks downright awesome – my tiny braids and I are quite jealous. And clothes can be helped, even though, might I point out, if you are on TV for SOAM, isn’t the point sort of that you don’t have to look good to be beautiful?
You’re right. That wouldn’t be enough motivation for me either. Perhaps a trip to Target’s clothing dept.?

20 03 2007

I ran into a teacher from my distant past yesterday. I thought I looked hideous, with my hair desperately in need of a wash and so scraped back tightly into a ponytail. The teacher thought I looked wonderful. It’s all subjective and our own point of view can be wildly out when it comes to how we look.
Hurrah for TV fame say I.

20 03 2007

sonja – stop reminding me of what’s really important, OK? LOL Seriously, it’s not just about looks. It’s about having to sound intellegent and look like I have my life somewhat together. OMG I’m going to have to CLEAN my house! *cry*

20 03 2007

Details please. Want to see this, yo.

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