17 03 2007

My husband was gone today so I took the kids out to Seaport Village for the first time (in memory) and thought they’d enjoy a ride on the carousel. So I brought along the camera sure to snap some amazing photos of their little faces filled with wonder and excitement. I hoped to film them squealing with glee and record their little chirpy laughter to look back upon for all their lives. Instead, I got this video:

Carousels must be so passé for this generation. They assured me that they did, actually, have fun. But you know. Next time they should act like it.




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18 03 2007
lola coca-cola

those kids are overjoyed…overjoyed, i tell ya!

18 03 2007

There’s a little bit of wonder in the boy’s eyes, but the daughter has seen it all, dude. She’s practically world-weary at her great age 😉

18 03 2007

I think that’s just about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

They’re both all, “Meh.”

18 03 2007

Ha! That is hilarious. She’s SO INCREDIBLY blase.

18 03 2007

Ya know who they look like there? Like teenagers. Teenagers being dragged around by mom to (un)cool places. So they’re practicing. Damn good, I’d say.

I know such things. I’ve had one.

But if you tell me they were also completely oblivious to the chocolate-chip-walnut cookies at that little cookie stand at SV, I will swear they are demon-children.

(I haven’t LOL’d that hard in a bit, so thanks, M&E).

19 03 2007

Well, M knows better than to touch nuts with a 10-foot-pole (they are “gross”) so we opted for the M&M ones. But, I assure you my children were chocolate covered and thrilled.

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