3 03 2007

I am tired all. the. time. lately. I think I need new vitamins. Or, you know, to take some. *places bag over head*

When the year began, I had my usual January rush about Getting My Life Organized. I created lists, and started working on them. I ate healthy and planned on getting a gym membership. And then the depression came back. WTF? Now I am floundering, just trying to keep my head above water. Again.


This time I have a prescription to fill, but have not done so yet. Funny how depression is: I can’t make myself do it until I’m not depressed, but I can’t get un-depressed until I make myself do it! It’s a Catch-22. (“Oh, he’s gonna be there, too!” Anyone watch 30 Rock? I swear that show is pee-my-pants funny! And it’s online! So go watch it!)


So, anyhow, I’m freakin tired. And I hope it’s just a need for vitamins or maybe just the depression. Because it would suck if it was a Serious Health Problem, right?

The good news is, I’m making better choices again. I’ve banned myself from fast food and soda, finally, and I’ve been exercising again in the mornings. I’m thinking again about that gym membership, and I hope that sometime soon my body starts noticing how well I’m treating it. Cause right now I’m tired.




One response

4 03 2007

Ah, I feel you on the tired, mama. I’m blaming my lack of motivation on winter malaise, lol. Do you have anyone that can go with you to the gym? It always seemed easier for me to go when I had someone to go with me. Also, I’m a chicken. šŸ˜‰


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