Day Number Two

2 03 2007

Of sitting around here doing nothing. The difference is that today it’s because my sweet baby is sick. I’m feeling sad for him, and frustrated for me. I mean, really, he could have planned this better with yesterday’s “day off” for me. Today I had Big Plans*! Pft.

Feel better, baby!

*Big Plans consisted of: letterboxing, homeschool park day, buying new buttons for my calorimetry projects, buying a bin for M’s homeschool games, and silly things like restocking the fridge so we can, you know, eat food.




2 responses

2 03 2007

Is letterboxing like shadowboxing?
I had a super-duper-great day of being eaten alive by eeeeevil fourthgraders.

2 03 2007

Letterboxing Info

I’m sorry about the fourth graders. At least they weren’t 7th graders.

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